Breakfast Menu

All Day

Ham cheese tomato and spinach toasties

$ 12.50

Eggs Your Way

$ 12.00

Poached. Scrambled, or Fried on 2 sliced Noisette' s toasted sourdough

Toasted Sourdough

$ 7.50

2 sliced toasted sourdough with Butter or Jam

Toasted Multigrain

$ 7.50

2 sliced toasted multigrain sourdough with choice of butter or jam

Fruit Toast

$ 8.00

2 sliced fruit toasts

Toasted Banana Bread

$ 5.50

1 slice toasted banana bread

Ramsay Gardens’ Pancake

$ 18.50

Butter milk pancake with biscuit, seasonal fruit, chocolate crumble, icing sugar, ice cream with maple syrup

Red Alert (V)(VGO)(N)

$ 19.90

Beetroot Hummus on toasted multigrain sourdough with mix nut, pistachio dukkah, crumbled feta, dried cranberries, corn, red bell pepper, spinach, mushroom and poached egg

Ramsay Gardens’ Eggs Benedict

$ 18.50

Poached eggs, hollandaise, spinach, grilled bacon, served with a sliced toasted sourdough

Chilli Scramble Eggs (V)(N)

$ 18.90

Chilli scramble eggs with mushroom, parmesan, fresh chilli, sweet spicy Mayo served with butter croissant+ Prawn $6.00

Smashed Avocado (V)(N)

$ 19.50

Smashed avocado with mix nut and toasted seed, herbed cherry tomatoes, pistachio dukkah, crumbled feta, poached egg, homemade beetroot hummus on sourdough

Grilled Calamari Salad (N)

$ 19.90

Grilled Calamari with mixed salad, carrot, kale, cherry tomato, crumbled feta, sourdough crouton, cashew, and walnut served with home-made olive dressing

Grilled Chicken Salad (N)

$ 19.50

Grilled chicken on house made olive coleslaw and salad, carrot, kale, cherry tomato, crumbled feta, sourdough crouton, crushed cashew, and walnut.

Ramsay Gardens Big Brekkie

$ 24.50

Scramble eggs, bacon, mini pork sausage, hash brown, sauteed spinach, sauteed mushroom, roasted tomatoes with a sliced sourdough

Breakfast Board

$ 25.50

Breakfast board with grilled chorizo, smoked salmon rillette, potato Gratin, soft boiled egg, sliced sourdough and natural yoghurt with passion fruit syrup, fresh fruit and house made granola.

Croissant de Poulet

$ 20.50

Crispy fried chicken with kimchi, house made olive coleslaw with sweet chilli mayo on crispy croissant with snow parmesan and fried shallot.

Breakfast Extras

  • Extra Sourdough — $2.50
  • Feta, Hollandaise — $3.00
  • Extra Poached/Fried Egg, Sauteed Spinach — $3.00
  • Sliced Avocado, Roasted Tomato, Sauteed Mushrooms — $4.00
  • Extra Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Hash Brown — $5.00
  • Mini Pork Sausages — $6.00
  • Cold Smoked Salmon — $7.00


Lunch Menu


Gnocchi alla napoli (V)(N)

$ 20.90

House Sweet Potato Gnocchi, tossed with mixed mushroom, capsicum, zucchini and napoli sauce, topped with crushed cashew, snow parmesan ad baked cheese slices.

The Pasta (N)

$ 18.90

Fettuccine with mushroom, bacon, creamy parmesan sauce, truffle oil, snow parmesan

Gangnam Style

$ 21.90

Crispy Fried Chicken and kimchi served with Rosemary fries with Sweet Chilli Mayo or BBQ Sauce

Steak Sandwich

$ 21.90

Turkish roll with wagyu brisket, lettuce, tomato, bacon, tomato relish and BBQ sauce + Rosemary Fries $5.00

Gardens Sandwich (V)

$ 18.90

Grilled eggplant, grilled zucchini, roasted red pepper, sauteed mushroom, basil pesto, tomato relish with toasted Turkish roll + Rosemary Fries $5.00

Angus Burger

$ 23.90

Angus beef burger with cheese, caramelised onion, pickle, crispy bacon, sunny side egg, tomato and Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce served with fries

Crispy Fried Chicken Burger

$ 21.90

Brioche Bun with crispy fried chicken, cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli mayo served with fries

Vegetarian burger (VG)

$ 20.90

Vegan Charcoal Bun with gluten free vegie patty from vegie magic, sauteed mushroom, tomato relish, vegan mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato served with fries

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

$ 23.90

Grilled teriyaki salmon with brown, red, black & jasmine rice, buckwheat, pearl barley, pickled vegetables, onsen egg, edamame, sesame and Japanese mayo

Fried Chicken Bowl

$ 22.90

Fried chicken with brown, red, black & jasmine rice, buckwheat, pearl barley, pickled vegetables, onsen egg, edamame, sesame with house made Teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo



Fried salt n pepper Calamari, Chips with tartar sauce

$ 13.90

Crispy fried chicken and chips with ketchup

$ 14.50

Scramble egg on toast with pork mini sausage


Blueberry Buttermilk Pancake with vanilla ice cream & Maple syrup